The Importance of a Head Hunter Indonesia

best headhunter Indonesia is a company, agent, or individual providing consultation and employee recruitment for strategic roles, managerial, or C-suite level. It is different from an HR responsible to fill empty roles for all divisions in a company. A head hunter is a specialist to recruit employees with specific skills. 

How Does A Head Hunter Indonesia Work? 

If you want to use a head hunter Indonesia to find the best candidates for job positions, you can understand the working principles of this company. 

  • A head hunter analyzes the employee market, learns a trend, and makes lists of job positions needed in the market. It includes a job position requiring rare skills. 
  • It will identify the people with high-quality job positions by benefiting some sources and networks. 
  • A head hunter does curation to the talents based on skills, abilities, and experience. Then, it makes a database containing profiles of potential candidates to join a recruitment process. 
  • If the needed profiles for clients are not included in a database, a head hunter will search outside and sign a target. Then, it will be recommended to the clients. 
  • A head hunter will approach candidates personally, communicate intensively, and give job offers from the client company. 
  • If the target’s candidates work in a company, it will negotiate to persuade them to join your clients’ companies. 
  • head hunter Indonesia will accommodate to meet clients and candidates to do interviews and agree on a job agreement
  • After the candidates become employees in the company, they will get a recruitment fee. The fee is usually based on the percentage of employees’ fees 20 to 30% of the employee’s fee per year. 

An Effective Recruitment with a Head Hunter Indonesia

Through the professional recruitment services of a head hunter in Indonesia, it will curate the top talent candidates and insert their profiles into the database. It has more than 100.000 candidates to fill top positions in the company. In a recruitment process, the headhunter team uses screening-based machine learning technology to compose the candidate ranks automatically based on your company’s criteria. Next, it recommends some top candidates to interview. It only searches candidates for fewer than three weeks and monitors the performance of candidates during an adaptation period of ninety days. You will get a warranty for the substitutions of the candidates if the new employees are not suitable for the sought roles in your company. You can also benefit a head hunter Indonesia by setting new free job vacancies with no limits. 

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