How Long Does a Microwave Last? And When to Replace It?

Microwave is a really helpful machine to have in your kitchen. But just like any other machine, a microwave oven will break and eventually not function. Before you buy a microwave oven, you should know the average lifespan of this machine and what you can do to make your microwave last longer.

How Long Does a Microwave Last?

With normal usage, a microwave oven should last approximately seven years. This number would certainly decrease when with heavy use and especially poor maintenance. A large family with a lot of family members would have to replace their microwave once every four or five years due to heavy usage.

The family members of a large family would become too reliant on the machine to heat leftovers, snacks, and cook frozen food. They could also shorten the microwave’s lifespan due to poor maintenance like often slamming the door, and putting the wrong items inside. These behaviors could result in damages that are irreparable and even risk of fire.

When to Replace your Microwave?

In some situations, a repair would be much cheaper than replacing your microwave with a new one. But there are some signs that will tell you that repair is no longer an option and you have to buy a new microwave instead. The first sign is when your microwave’s cooking time is off, both too slow or too quick. You can test this out by putting a cup of water inside and turning the microwave on for two minutes. If the water is not piping hot after that, you should replace your microwave.

The second sign you could get and this is probably the most obvious one is the door could not seal properly. The microwave’s door is important because it will contain the microwave signals and the radiation. When the door couldn’t be closed properly, the radiation will sneak through and put you and your family at risk of health issues.

You can also use your sense of smell to know exactly when to replace your microwave oven. Pay attention to the unusual smells like smoke or even sparks. When this happens you should turn the microwave immediately before something worse could happen.

There you go, all you need to know about the lifespan of your microwave oven and what signs that will tell you to replace it.

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