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In this article you will get information about what steps you take to reach the career path that is right for you. Or you also can seek helps from career counselor on how to determine the right career path for you.

The first step to determining the right career path for you is to learn what you really are.

Understand Yourself

The qualities you have as a person can help you determine the right career path. You can seek help getting to know yourself and determine your career path. You can consult with a career consultant or take the existing personality test. From the results obtained, you will better understand your own characteristics and be able to match them with the appropriate career or job.

Create a Job List

By making a list of the jobs you want, you can determine the steps you need to take to get the job. For example, if you want a job as a digital marketer, you may need to take classes and courses that are available both offline and online. In this way, you can enrich yourself and increase the skills you have.

Learn More about Your Job List

After determining the target jobs, study every available option. You can start by finding out the requirements of each job, what skills are needed, calculating the chances of acceptance from the number of applicants, and finding out if there are companies that are currently in need of employees in that position.

Join the Intern

Internships are useful to give you work experience. In addition, internships are also an opportunity to explore a career path.

Many companies value interns and give them the opportunity to contribute to projects they work on with clients.

Learn from Mentors

You need a mentor who has extensive career experience, has many connections in many industries to be able to explain to you every opportunity that exists in the industry, and someone who is communicative.

Having a mentor who can be used as a role model and able to communicate and consult well will really help you determine your next career path. Mentors can introduce you to their professional connections. That way, the door of opportunity for your career will be wide open.

Use the Formula G+P+V

G+P+V are gifts, passions and values. A person is certainly born with an ability. Sometimes there are abilities that arise because they are innate, which are usually called gifts. On the other hand, someone has something they love and are passionate about, which is passion. Besides passion, there is also value. Value is the value that you hold and you have in your life.

These are the three main things you need to consider when determining your career path. Consider what you consider to be your strengths, make it a determining factor when determining your career path.

Make Career Plan

It’s a good idea to start planning what your career will look like in the future.You need to set your career path, set a target, how long you will stay in a company and learn a lot of things and when it’s time to seek new experiences and level up elsewhere.

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