Leadership management is a soft skill. It is hard to show that you are good at it. You don’t need to worry because you can still show it to the interviewers. Use the examples below or you can find on headhunter website to let the interviewers know that you can be a leader and manage your team well. 

A leader of a Project in your College or Previous Company 

Have you ever led a project in college or your previous company? If so, you can include it on your resume. Explain to the interviewer things you have done as the project leader and the achievement the team got. 

You can even describe the strategy applied to accomplish the project. It will be better to pick a project from the last one or two years of working or college.   

Finding a Solution for a Problem at Work 

In case you have never been a leader in a project, show that you ever solved a problem at work. Explain to the interviewer the way you solve the problem and the impact on the company. The bigger the impact of your solution, the bigger the opportunity for the new company to hire you. It can be a sign that you have good leadership management skills. 

A Leader in a Volunteer Team

Being a leader in a volunteer team is also a precious experience. It means you know how to handle a team. Indeed, show the interviewer if there was any significant achievement the team got when you were the leader. 

Leading a Meeting 

Even as simple as being a leader in a meeting can be a meaningful experience you can show the interviewer. At least, it shows that you dare to take responsibility to handle a small event. 

Leader in a Sports Team 

Being a leader in a sports team is also challenging. You can include it on the resume. Explain why your coach picks you to be a leader of the team. The company will consider that you have good leadership management skills.

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